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          I was born in Athens and graduated from the School of Architecture, NTUA. I have been awarded for my work at several architectural competitions and wth the A DESIGN AWARD, DESIGN AND DESIGN International award and FAVOURITE DESIGN award. I created a collection of wooden bags and jewelry, as an experimental project into the fashion – architecture relationship. Influenced by my architectural studies and the Modern movement, where form follows function, Ι use the clarity and simplicity of the geometric structure as a synthetic tool. Form includes the way of construction and the materials are used to bring out their features, in a way that they are structural and not ″decorative″ to the final product. I chose wood because its use originates in prehistorical times and is still in modern societies, recommending it as one of the most common architectural and cultural materials. Furthermore it is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable, while processing it does not require high energy consumption and does not produce significant quantities of waste. Wood gives a new dimension to clothing, escaping from the classic standards of fashion and introducing structures of modern industrial design.

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