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          Wearable architecture & interior design: a minimalist brand based in Berlin. Since its conception in 2016, ″OfConcrete″ is a modern collectionof objects designed by Gabriele Di Stefano and crafted completely by hand. The italian manufacturing tradition is combined perfectly with a minimalist style. The choice of an architectural design associated with the use of lightened concrete as a noble material, characterizes the entire limited serie of products. Each piece must be considered an unique work. Behind the finished product there is a work carried out on several steps, for a total of about one week of work for each piece. The many steps in the production process ensure that all raw materials become finished products crafted with great care. Finally and not least, a great attention was also given to the creation and design of the packaging, entirely made by hand. Our collection includes a line of jewels and interior design products. Since 1968, architects and designers have come up with some incredible concepts that blend the boundaries between clothing and architecture. These jewels want to give homage to the concept of ″wearable architecture″ which combines the elegance of lines with absolute minimalism: clear, precise shapes, intense colors and great attention to the choice of materials. ″OfConcrete″ is the line of objects perfect for those who love architecture, scandinavian minimalism and elegance. (www.ofconcrete.it)

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