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          Fuschu, which set out with the slogan, ″Just shine with us, like jewellery…″, is designed for all women; and its triangular design, which reflets female elegance and radiance, emphasizes that all women are beautiful, powerful and extraordinary. Our bags, which will be the choice of women who are not afraid to shine, make a difference -just like their users- with their original designs and the fact that they are handmade from genuine leather. With the compact, strong, elegant and sparkling design of Fuschu bags, we say ″you are beautiful, strong, wonderful + confident, babe″ because we know that in today′s societies and lives, women have lost their shine and have many reasons to stop believing in themselves. The reason for the birth of our brand was to create a wonderful companion to remind them that their elegance is their strongest side and that they should not give up shining.

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