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          The background of Rojan Hooshyar, the creative soul/designer of the La Femme Roje, already patterned of design, art and creativity at the same time. She was born in 1985 in Tehran in a family with lots of love for art and literature. After initially earning a master degree in information management, her love for design directed her to a new path. In addition to self-taught experiences, she also successfully finished the” Footwear Pattern Making and Footwear Design” course and obtained her degree from Ars sutoria School to further enhance her abilities in this field, bringing with herself and in herself the heritage of an ancient and valuable culture. La Femme Roje’s work can best be described as a charming and clean-cut take on traditional values of the designer to create modern and playful looks. La femme Roje’s signature use of natural (anti-allergy) materials/leather with amazing and creative cuts construction is expertly utilised each season. After 2 years of successful shows and production in her motherland Iran and based on the received wide demand, La Femme Roje, started to distribute its designs and products in 4 different provinces in Iran and also some other countries, namely Great Britain, USA, Switzerland and Kuwait with the aim to make the brand an international one. Paving her road to success, Rojan looks for more inspiration everywhere and do her best to build a brand which represents her values as ″As I grow as a company, it has become more and more important to explicitly define the core values from which I develop my culture, my brand, and my business strategies” The result? She created a brand which represents her motherlands precious cultural values, demonstrates doing more with less and represents the designer’s adventurous soul and valuable memories captured through traveling.

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