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          32 year old designer Pantelis Venizelos presents his second project called Lismoore. Similarly to his first project, veni morgan, which(per his own opinion) was a reflection of how the world perceives him, radical, distant, impersonal, genius, simple in his own complexity, Lismoore is the designer’s reflection on his past girlfriends. 6 bags, 6 categories, 6 important women he crossed paths with: Athin, Ismin, Catherine, Vicky, Helen and Stami, or else “the first time”, “the school crush”, “the love at first sight”, “the pain”, “the bad timing” and “the doll”. These types of relationships mark everybody’s life, till we find the ONE, the person that will be all “the bags” combined, all the interactions, a ″brand″ by his own… Because what would life be without love? Who has truly lived without loving and without being loved?

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