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          s h i n o is a 2020 new born brand in Tehran by Shiva Nouri, an international award-winning grephic designer. In 2013, She was one of four winners o Emirates Skywards Future Artists Competition Selected from over 3,300 submissions.( news link: https://www.arabnews.com/news/468405 ). Two years later, she was one of four finalists of 2015 Emirates Skywards Future Artists Competition again. Her main occupation is filmmaking. Due to her interest in fashion industry, she decided to establish her own brand ″ s h i n o ″. Her philosophy is based on a concept of minimal and modern life.Beauty is in simplicity and never gets old. The combination of simple forms and exotic materials make s h i n o products more different. The idea of combination of Concrete and Epoxy resin handles is ONE OF A KIND. All s h i n o bags including their handles, joints and locks have original design and they are entirely handmade. Their designs inspired by modern architecture , geometric shapes and galaxy planets. Because of her minimalist idealogy, Most s h i n o bags has no stitching. In some models, minimal stitching use by necessity. Everyday she is looking for a new-thought-out to serve a simple and modern life.

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