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          Weave, a contemporary jewelry, was born in October 2014 from the creative mind of Lisa De Cecco. At the age of 23, she began her adventure in the fasion world, creating colorful necklaces for herself, but in the course of some time her jewels also won friends and acquaintances. Weave bijoux is made of faux leather and polyester, soft and versatile materials that Lisa minutely carves out to give shape to geometric and colored combinations. Broken lines, vibrant colors and fantasy to produce necklaces, chokers, bracelets, earrings and unique and eclectic rings. A mix of ingredients that over the years has learned to dose with passion and professionalism. His creature is a charming dream that wears a dress and a strong personality. Precisely for this reason her accessories are now present in more than 20 stores in Italy and are also in demand in other parts of the world. Don’t worry, however, despite the notoriety achieved and the request for autographs, this young creative hasn’t “mounted her head”, indeed, continues to perform her work as a graphic designer at an advertising agency in Udine. As soon as she finds a phone-booth, she throws glasses and a graphic tablet to wear a faux leather cloak and runs to help all those who need to give a touch of color to their outfit.

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