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How to Sell on AIF

Guideline to Sell

How you sell your Architectural wearables and How you get paid

Once the buyer purchases an item, the amount will be settled in Architecture in Fashion′s account. The purchase amount along with possible other amounts will be settled with each designer on the first Monday of each month.

Architecture in Fashion charges 15% of the sales price, except shipping.

We do accept PayPal and credit cards through PayPal.

 Please Note

We reserve the right to remove images that are not presentable in terms of quality and ask our Sellers to provide high-quality images.


Setting up Shop Policies

To help buyers build trust with your shop, we provide buyers with the information they need before purchasing from your shop.



To give buyers a clear idea of how long it takes for you to prepare an order, you should include a processing time.

You can also use the optional Estimated shipping times field to let buyers know how long it will take an item to reach various destinations.


Payment options

We do accept PayPal and credit cards. Once the buyer purchased an item, the amount will be charged in Architecture in Fashion and we transfer the amounts of each week on every Monday of the week to the seller’s account.


Returns & exchanges

Use this section to set expectations with buyers early on, so they know your returns and exchanges policy before purchasing from your shop. You can choose to accept returns, exchanges, and/or cancellations. You can also specify timeframes within which the buyer has to contact you or ship items back.

If you’re selling to Europe, EU buyer protection laws allow European residents to return items if they contact the seller within 14 days. If you choose not to accept returns or exchanges, buyers may still file a case against you in certain circumstances.


Seller details

This section lets you show specific information about yourself and your shop to your buyers, such as your name, business address, and VAT number (when applicable). EU buyer protection laws require sellers to display this information. Only buyers who have set their location to an EU country will see this information. Architecture in Fashion will not use this information to contact you.


Editing your shop policies

You can edit your shop policies whenever you like. A timestamp will show the last time your policies have changed. When a buyer makes a purchase, they’ll see a copy of your shop policies as of the time of purchase in their receipt email.


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