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Guide to create your first listing

Congratulations & Welcome to our community!

You created your shop on the one & only architectural wearable marketplace.

Instruction to create your first listing

Welcome! We’ve written these instructions to help you open your shop and start selling.


Create your first listing:

Once you are logged in, you will be automatically inside the ‘Seller Panel’ section.


‘Edit Profile’ is for editing the information you already have entered to join our sellers i.e. name, address and telephone number.


‘Edit Password’ is to change your password.


‘Manage Product’ is where you add your products. Once you are in the ‘Manage Product’ section, click on ‘Add Product’, fill in the questions one by one and then press next.

(If you need to add a filter, please wait and skip this step. Filters are explained below.)

To add filters like colour and size to your products you need to go to the ‘Manage Filter’ section. Then click on the ‘Add Filter’, then under the ‘Filter List’ choose ‘Color’ and under the ‘Filter Title’ type your colour of choice i.e. Yellow. Now your filters are ready inside the ‘Manage Product’ section.


The history of your orders appears in the ‘Order History’ section.


The history of the payments from us to you appears in the ‘Manage Invoice’ section.


Please enter your shipping cost which is separated for each continent under the ‘Shipping Information’.


‘Shop Setting’ includes the name of your shop and an image of yourself or your logo, your PayPal address for our payments and also if your shop is out and on vacation, you could set it up on ‘vacation’.


Please Note: The currency is set as a default in Dollars, however, the buyer can change it to Euro, English Pound or Swiss Franc.


We hope our information is helpful.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on our chat support which is available from 8 am till 11 pm Central European Time OR via email



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