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Designer : lechataile

This handbag’s design is inspired by a volcanic rock with the same name; obisidienne [obsidian in french] is formed when felsic lava rapidly cools and turns black after a volcanic eruption. With its adequate space, Obsidienne is a versatile handbag that can be used by the stylish working individual or be taken to social gatherings and events as a fashion statement. This item is entirely handmade from a variety of natural materials in a semi traditional workshop. The high quality of materials makes it a very durable item that can serve you a lifetime once kept under the right conditions, Made from 100% natural cow leather of highest quality beech wood handle. black natural suede lining Dimensions: Height 50 cm Width 35 cm Depth 12 cm Packaging: This bag comes with a hand-sewn velvet bag placed in a secure box.

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Ship to Africa $40 $20
Ship to Asia $60$50
Ship to Australia $70$60
Ship to Europe $50$40
Ship to North America $70$50
Ship to South America $60$50

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